This university is recognized and accredited by World Health Organization (WHO), and National Medical Commission (NMC). It is listed in the International Medical Education Directory which means that if the medical aspirants graduate from this university, they’ll have an edge over other candidates while applying for jobs anywhere globally. They’re eligible for reputed licensure exams like USMLE/PLAB and FMGE/NEXT to continue their medical practice.

Quality of Education:

This university has over 36 departments that train students in various fields of medicine such as pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and preventive medicine. The university has highly qualified and experienced professors, mentors, and researchers to ensure quality education.


Bashkir State Medical University has an eclectic student body and offers support groups for international students that conduct language classes and cultural events. It also provides scholarship opportunities and financial aid for outstanding students and has a relatively affordable fee structure making it an ideal choice for studying MBBS abroad.


The university boasts modern equipment that enables students to learn practical skills on par with contemporary techniques used worldwide. The university campus includes state-of-the-art academic and research programs, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, student dormitories, administrative offices, and many other facilities.

Career Opportunities:

The university provides students who graduate with an MBBS degree a promising career in various medical fields like teaching, clinical practice, research, administration staff, support staff, public health organization, etc.

Cultural Experience:

This University provides a vibrant and enriching cultural experience for students, faculty, and staff fostering a multicultural atmosphere that promotes learning, exploration, and growth. The university also organizes cultural events promoting dance, music, outings, and tours to historical and cultural sites.